About Me

My name is Pauliina Marjanen. I am a freelance creative, based in Helsinki, Finland.

Everywhere we look, there's a story waiting to be told.

My purpose is to tell stories, long or short, fiction or non-fiction that evoke emotions and inspire those who read or hear them. I want to dig deep into the dream and journey of a creator or brand and turn it into a powerful story with a meaningful message. The most important part of my work is not the act of writing, it's the act of listening.

I believe in hospitality and storytelling. Showing love to strangers. Being a part of a community. Creating space for people to come together in celebration or in everyday life. Forging real, human connections. Making people laugh. Finding joy and gratitude in everyday life.

Hospitality, the search for a meaning and the thirst for stories, these are what make us human. 


My background is in marketing, communications and ten years in service in the hospitality industry.